CRSPI is a collaboration between organisations that invest in climate research, development and extension (RDE) for Australia’s primary industries.  CRSPI partners are the rural Research and Development Corporations; State, Northern Territory and Federal Government Agriculture Agencies and CSIRO.

While each CRSPI partner funds and manages the RD&E which addresses the specific needs of their industry and regions, many climate change adaptation and mitigation challenges and opportunities cannot be addressed in isolation.

CRSPI enables partners to co-invest in a comprehensive RD&E agenda that achieves benefits across the primary industries and jurisdictional boundaries, maximising the value of collective investment.

CRSPI does not invest in research directly, it brings partners together to discuss their RDE activities and to identify priorities for future investment and collaboration.

CRSPI sits under the National Framework for Research, Development and Extension Framework and is governed by a Research, Development and Extension (RDE) Strategy which is in its third phase.

  • Prioritise and direct their research funds on priority climate change research
  • Identify key research organisations and specific skills and capacity
  • Collaborate on research projects and activities
  • Communicate with government and policy makers on key climate change issues facing the primary industries sector.