The CRSPI program is a collaboration between organisations that invest in climate change research for primary industries.

CRSPI partners fund and manage research according to the specific needs of their industry and region. However, for primary industries to address the challenges and opportunities arising from climate change, a wide range of research, development and extension is needed.

A comprehensive agenda is beyond the capacity of one investor. Taking a collaborative approach across sectors and regions maximises the value of the collective research investment.

While the program does not invest in research directly, it brings partners together to discuss their research activities and to identify priorities for future investment and collaboration.

CRSPI is governed by a Research, Development and Extension (RDE) Strategy. Guided by the themes and principles in the Strategy partners continue to work together to:

  • prioritise and direct their research funds on priority climate change research
  • identify key research organisations and specific skills and capacity
  • collaborate on research projects and activities
  • communicate with government and policy makers on key climate change issues facing the primary industries sector