The CRSPI partners collaborate through a range of activities

CRSPI undertakes a range of activities to share knowledge, provide opportunities for partners to share knowledge discuss issues and to identify emerging research, development and extension (RDE) priorities. These activities range from small group discussions on issues that are important across industries, a national stocktake every three years to gather information on current investments across Australia and a Conference held every two years.

Current CRSPI activities include:

  • Leadership and engagement with industry, government and research on climate adaptation and mitigation priorities for Australia’s primary industries
  • Annual partner forums
  • Stocktake of climate change research, development and extension projects
  • National conference held every two years
  • Advancing collaborative opportunities on an ongoing basis.


Advancing collaboration

CRSPI works with partners to advance areas which have been identified as priorities for the development of research, development and extension RDE collaboration. Organisations who are not members of CRSPI may also be invited to join collaborative projects.

During 2019 three areas are undergoing further development:

Climate business risk management instruments
Land use for carbon and co-benefits, markets, emissions accounting and methods
Communication – social licence and engaging end users

Contact the Secretariat for more information.