A CRSPI Partners' Forum is held annually to facilitate discussion of cross-sectoral climate issues

An important date on the CRSPI calendar is the annual Partner Forum. At the forum, partners meet to share information on current research, discuss emerging issues and identify priority areas for future research. These discussions also provide the platform for collaborative work.

The most recent forum was in November 2014. It was focussed on adaptation research and aimed to:

  • Stimulate thinking within partners on research needed to support adaptation to climate change for primary industries
  • Share information on RDE work that is underway and the strategy and priorities of the different partner organisations
  • Develop a shared understanding of gaps in RDE investment, key issues to consider in relation to adaptation research, and areas where there may be opportunities for future collaboration

The partners heard from leading researchers as well as other partner organisations. The forum idetified several key areas for further discussion:

  • Extreme events - collaborative analysis of these events, including whether they are changing in frequency and intensity as a result of climate change and what this means for future climate risk management
  • Productivity changes - examining the relationship between the decline in agricultural productivity and climate change
  • Seasonal forecasting - the need to improve forecasts and skill farmers in how to utilise those forecasts in farm decisions
  • National climate assessment - learning from the US National Climate Assessment process and the need for something similar in Australia.

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