The CCRSPI Research Strategy identifies priority outcomes from research over five years

The 2012-17 CCRSPI RDE Strategy was developed by CCRSPI partners in 2011. In developing the strategy the partners held planning workshops, a forum and undertook wide consultation with relevant agencies, expert reference groups, research providers and end-users. The strategy is a living document that aims to encourage and advocate climate change RDE by providing a guide for governments, industry and businesses to identify cross-sectoral RDE priorities and promote collaboration.

The RDE Strategy addresses a range of research priorities including: climate variability; climate projections; adaptation to impacts; greenhouse gas mitigation; and managing energy use and generation.

The Strategy is structured around RDE themes that contribute to three outcomes judged to be vital for the primary industries sector:

  • Production systems based on best-available climate information
  • Lowering of greenhouse gas emissions intensity of products
  • Proactive participation in a carbon constrained economy

To read more, download the CCRSPI Strategy 2012-17.

CCRSPI RDE Strategy 2012-17