CRSPI monitors investment in climate change RDE

The CRSPI program monitors investment in primary industries related climate change research, development and extension by undertaking a stocktake (RDE Audit) that identifies existing projects, resources and capacity across the primary industries sector.

A stocktake was undertaken in 2012 which compiled information on research investments by CRSPI partners, the Australian Research Council and the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility detailing projects and activities that were active in 2011-12. The stocktake identified that there were a total of 589 active projects in 2011-12 with a life-of-project value of $549 million. Of these, the CRSPI partners supported 483 projects with a life-of-project value of around $491 million.

Close to 60 per cent was directed towards production systems based on the best available climate information. This area of research is focused on adapting to climate change, for example, managing climate variability, improving climate projections and adapting to biophysical impacts.

Just over 30 per cent of the activity was targeted towards climate change mitigation. For example: lowering emissions and maintining productivity; increasing carbon stored in the landscape and oceans; and managing energy use and generation.

The remaining investment examines proactive participation in a carbon constrained economy.

A summary document of the research stocktake is available below.


Where to get more information

The CRSPI partnership monitors research activity to guide future decision making. Information from the research stocktake is available from the secretariat.

To look for information on climate research relevant to primary industries in Australia, try the customised search function below which searches a set of climate research relevant websites, such as universities.



Auditing Climate Change RDE in Primary Industries - Summary