CRSPI was the first cross-sectoral strategy endorsed under the National Framework for Research, Development and Extension (RDE) in 2007.  The partners have worked collaboratively over the last 10 years focusing on the identification, coordination and communication of key climate change adaptation and mitigation related RDE needs and priorities. 

CRSPI is now in its third phase. The scope of RDE issues considered by CRSPI are broad, cross-sectoral and relate to climate and climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation – short, medium and long term. There are three focus areas: adaptation to our changing and variable climate; emissions intensity and markets; and climate change in business and policy.

The scope of RDE identified by CRSPI involves the breadth of primary industries and regions, and demands coordination and cooperation to achieve adoptable outcomes for primary producers, rural and regional communities and governments.

CRPSI adds value through national coordination and sharing industry, government and research intelligence which can be used to inform RDE priority setting. It works to identify and stimulate opportunities for partner-led collaboration and co-investment to address the threats and opportunities of climate change for the primary industries.

Climate Research Strategy for Primary Industries 2017-2020