CRSPI operates through a Partnership Agreement and is governed by a Coordinating Group made up of CRSPI Partner representatives.  Agrifutures Australia administers CRSPI and hosts the Secretariat.  

The Coordinating Group is responsible for:

  • Setting the strategic direction
  • Oversight of the operations of the CRSPI Secretariat and Manager
  • Overseeing the allocation of committed funding
  • Guiding planning and coordination of CRSPI activities
  • Reviewing the performance of the Strategy
  • Promoting and representing CRSPI to its partners and external stakeholders.

Coordinating Group members are:

  • Dr Jason Crean - NSW Department of Primary Industries (Chair)
  • Alan Balino - Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
  • Dr Lilly Lim-Camacho - CSIRO
  • Traci Griffin - Department of Economic Development Victoria
  • Lucinda Staley - AgriFutures Australia
  • Justin Crosby – Grains Research and Development Corporation
  • Doug McNicholl - Meat Livestock Australia

The CRSPI secretariat is funded by annual partner contributions. The Secretariat is responsible for delivery of agreed activities which include: 

  • Coordinating and facilitating collaborative discussions
  • Hosting collaboration forum and the CRSPI Conference every two years 
  • Maintaining a stocktake of partner investment in climate change research
  • Sharing knowledge about emerging issues
  • Communicating and promoting research priorities and gaps with industry, government and research providers.