01 April 2014

A new website is now online developed from the project work of the Southern Livestock Adaptation 2030 (SLA 2030) program. This program brought together researchers, extension experts and producers to look at a range of future climate scenarios and then examine the potential impact on farm productivity and profitability.  The program was coordinated by Meat & Livestock Australia in conjunction with several other CCRSPI members, with funding provided through the Australian Government’s Climate Change Research Program.

The program looked at numerous regional locations across southern Australia and used sophisticated computer models, local weather data, future climate scenarios and data from livestock producers to examine impacts at a local and farm enterprise level in 2030 and beyond. The research also explored strategies (adaptations) to explore how farmers may need to adjust their management practices in the future.

The SLA 2030 website provides:

 •          An interactive map with all the modelling locations allowing the user to examine the full range of climate scenarios modelled and the potential impacts on livestock production

            and profitability, at a local level, as well as examine the response to a range of adaptations / farm management changes

•          Information on all the background research undertaken along with copies of relevant research papers or abstracts

•          Key findings of the program

•          Background to the program, partners and links to other useful sources of information

•          Information about the models used to examine climate change and impacts on livestock production and profitability


Visit to  find out more.