The partners are also working closely on some specific issues of common interest

As well as having broad discussions on research strategy, the partner organisations identify areas for more focussed collaborative work.

At the moment the partners are working on:

  • Extreme events - analysis of these events, including whether they are changing in frequency and intensity as a result of climate change and what this means for future climate risk management.
  • Productivity changes - examining the relationship between the decline in agricultural productivity and climate change.
  • Seasonal forecasting - the need to improve forecasts and skill farmers in how to utilise those forecasts in farm decisions.
  • National climate assessment - learning from the US National Climate Assessment process and the need for something similar in Australia.
  • Effective communication on climate change.
  • Energy efficiency and opportunities for direct geothermal in agriculture.
  • Climate change impacts on international markets and Australia’s comparative advantage.

The aim of this collaboration is to promote a cross-sectoral approach to RDE to maximise the value of the collective investment in climate related research.